Decolonial Collective: Reading & Sounding Session

Participants: Cau Silva (Raumstrategien), Danielle Shoufra (Raumstrategien), Denis Esakov (Raumstrategien alumni, de_colonialanguage), Lili Somogyi (Raumstrategien alumni, SAVVY Contemporary), Mariana García Mejía and Nudo Collective (Raumstrategien), Yuni Chung (Raumstrategien, Chōri Dance Collective)

We cordially invite everyone to a circular reading and listening session in the framework of Miss Read: The Berlin Art Book Fair & Festival. The selected texts are part of our different artistic and poetic research revolving around questions on decolonial thinking. As multidisciplinary beings – immigrant artists, cultural workers and researchers – our texts don’t exist in singularity; their plurality manifests and expands into other mediums, such as the realms of the sonic.

Different passages of texts and sounds will be uttered in this open circle, and their ever-changing coherence is determined by the patchwork method through which they are woven together. This is an open poetic experiment of continuously co-creating a space through co-thinking and co-sounding. We are inviting you to listen, to participate, if you wish, and to talk "nearby" with critical perspectives on power structure towards radical care and solidarity.

Excerpts from the following books are going to be read:

Attentive Curiosity of notUnderstandingness by Denis Esakov. Between the Not-Yet And the No-Longer reader by Raumstrategien students. In Search of Our Mothering. Towards peri-familial relationalities by Lili Somogyi. Soft Collapse: suspensions_horizontalities_downloads by Cau Silva. Wet Volume by Yuni Chung.

The reading and sounding session is organized by students and alumni of the Spatial Strategies course (Raumstrategien, Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin), a group of people from different perspectives and practices working together on decolonial issues.
Saturday. 23.09., 17:00
Offstage (HKW)
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