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dropping vowels and seeing through

Participants: Deniz Gül, Andrea Wiarda (Kunstverein Milano)

Kunstverein Milano presents: A performance lecture by Deniz Gül (Istanbul, Turkey) followed by a conversation with KV co-director Andrea Wiarda.

The lecture:
In times in which continuity doesn’t allow for any constancy within the velocity of the epoch, even the deconstructed post- versions of notions such as identity, history, and truth disappear in the flow of information, and things manifest themselves with retrospective references, let’s take a look at an old word. The origin of the word şekil [ʃekil] is rooted in the Arabic şakl شكل z [şkl]. Şekil which means shape, form, feature, appearance is şaklīl/şiklīl שכלל z [kll] in Aramaic, which implies completion, shaping, adornment; is şuklulu [kll] in Akkadian, which means to complete, whole or completion, fulfilment.

The book:
there is life between us (+transparency), English edition published by Notonly Publishing in collaboration with Kunstverein Milano, is a weave of 40 essays in dialogue with theoretical approaches to the scientific, ecological and artistic implications of transparency as an overarching concept.

In 40 fragments, spanning from the Feldenkrais method to Bergsonian thought and many others, Deniz Gül explores the concept of transparency by deconstructing the Eurocentric male dominant gaze.

The only way out is to land. To the surface. To the skin of the earth (+terresterial). How? Through introspection. Through Latour’s oligopticon, Calvino’s Carruga, Feldenkrais’ self-image, Deleuze’s difference, Agamben’s identity without person, Martin’s flaws, Nauman’s bounces, Sıtkı Baba’s düş oluş (becoming a dream)... With Rumi’s whirl, Arachne’s web, Deligny’s wandering lines, Michaux’s fractals...

Gül is known for her practice as a conceptual sculptor and writer, excavating and navigating the surfaces of language and the landscape of human thinking. her novel-like exhibitions feature installations and sculptures speaking of structure, composition, form, consequence.
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Saturday. 23.09., 15:00
Offstage (HKW)
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