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Grateful for Your Invitation But…

Participants: Clara Balaguer (Hardworking Goodlooking, BAK, basis voor actuele kunst), Czar Kristoff (Hardworking Goodlooking, Studio CK), Mac Andre Arboleda

In this panel discussion, the organizers of ARCHIVE FOR SALE—publishers Clara Balaguer, Czar Kristoff, and Mac Andre Arboleda—discuss how the context of publishing from the Philippines conformed their decision to attend Miss Read 2023 as a consortium of publishers offering an entire archive for sale. While remaining grateful for the generosity of grants and other support structures that want to increase diversity in the cultural sphere (especially in colonial centers), they will address the areas in which these well-meaning attempts may increase rather than reduce precarity, competition, and gentrification.
© Design by Kristian Henson for Hardworking Goodlooking
Saturday. 23.09., 19:00
Stage (HKW)
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