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How to Book in Berlin/New York

Participants: Hannah Yukiko Pierce (Small Editions), Anna Schanowski (einBuch.haus & coy koi books), Ipek Burçak (Well Gedacht Publishing)

Moderator: Jae Kyung Kim (einBuch.haus & ENKR)

'How to Book (Small Editions, 2020)' and 'How to Book in Berlin (einBuch.haus 2023)' serve as comprehensive guides to bookmaking and publishing, offering insights we wished we had when we were starting out. They include information on research methods, funding strategies, production techniques and distribution approaches, all underpinned by the perspectives and advice of experienced publishers.

In conjunction with the launch of 'How to Book in Berlin' at Miss Read, we are delighted to share the details with the publisher of the original title, Hannah Yukiko Pierce, Small Editions. We are also delighted to be joined by two Berlin-based publishers, Ipek Burçak, Well Gedacht Publishing, and editor Anna Schanowski, einBuch.haus & coy koi books. The talk will be moderated by Jae Kyung Kim, einBuch.haus & ENKR.

Our ultimate ambition is to alleviate the challenges often associated with the journey of creating artists' books and to foster meaningful connections within the diverse and vibrant artists' book communities.

'How to Book in Berlin' will be released with generous contributions by Vanessa Adler (Argobooks), Franziska Brandt & Moritz Grünke (Gloria Glitzer & We Make It), Ipek Burçak (Well Gedacht Publishing), Andreas Bülhoff (sync.ed), Jonas von Lenthe (Wirklichkeit Books), Anja Lutz (The Green Box), Johanna Maierski (Colorama), Thomas Monses (Melo Melo Print), Rada Nastai (bruise studio), Michalis Pichler (MISS READ), Nina Prader (Lady Liberty Press), Malte Spindler (Lucky Punch Press), Claudia de la Torre (backbonebooks), Martijn in ‘t Veld (Happy Potato Press)

Hannah Yukiko Pierce (she/her) is a publisher and the proprietor of Small Editions, a book production studio and publishing house based in Brooklyn, NY. Small Editions collaborates with early- to mid-career artists to publish limited edition bookworks and artist books. Through each of their projects, they seek to explore the book's role in contemporary art by combining traditional bookbinding techniques with experimental materials and multi-media construction methods.

Jae Kyung Kim (she/her) is a founding director of einBuch.haus (Berlin) and co-founder of the artist book publisher ENKR (Naju/Berlin), she realizes artworks at the intersection of print media, conceptual publications, and installations.

Anna Schanowski (she/her) works at the intersection of art research, bookmaking and public relations. She is interested in the book as a curatorial space and its potential to create a broader accessibility and participation. In 2022, she founded the publishing house coy koi books (Berlin), focusing on observations of everyday life, identity politics and archiving

Ipek Burçak (b. Istanbul) is an artist, working across a variety of media, including video, installation, sculpture, new media, performance, and books. Burçak is the co-founder of the publishing collective Well Gedacht Publishing, where she co-produces artists’ publications in various forms in collaboration with diasporic artists. Well Gedacht Publishing has participated in art book fairs, such as Printed Matter New York Art Book Fair, Miss Read Berlin, I Never Read in Basel, The Shelf Festival for Artistic Publishing in Hannover among others.

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Sunday, 24.09., 17:00
Stage (HKW)
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