“I Am the Archive” : fragment from a sound performance by Anamaria Pravicencu based on Lia Perjovschi’s Parkour Interview

Participant: Anamaria Pravicencu

“Reading the interview with Lia Perjovschi from the Parkour series of the P+4 Publications from the Institute of the Present, my attention was drawn to the intensities of the verb and, sometimes, the hesitations of self-assertion. I isolated them and looked at them as such, detached from the context and letting the contradictions manifest themselves. The waves of will, perseverance, trust, pride, doubt or weariness, in pure form and freed from systematic associations, are revealed by the persistence of a single, solitary voice that resonates in multiple possibilities and haunts memory and perception.” – Anamaria Pravicencu

Anamaria Pravicencu created in 2022 an extensive sound performance for THIS IS NOT AN ARTSPACE, a series of artist interventions in the Institute of the Present’s workspace. Curated by Ștefania Ferchedău, the commissioned work was inspired by the encounter with the publications from the Parkour collection. With sound occupying the space, Anamaria Pravicencu’s performance was closely related to her concerns for site-specific sound interventions and field recording, but also to the way the visual and the word can trigger sound experiences and events. The imprint of the word, as perceived by the artist, reverberated from the inside of object-books through the voice and inner strength of those who utter it. >
Friday, 22.09., 14:00
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