Pre-fair program // Acts of listening and ways of (un-)learning

Participants: Nikolay Oleynikov (Chto Delat, ArtsEverywhere, Free Home University, ), Alessandra Pomarico (Free Home University, Ecoversities Alliance, Firefly Frequencies)

Conversation around pedagogical and artistic experiments that center around different forms of listening.

Alessandra Pomarico, curator, writer, and educator at the intersection of arts, pedagogy, and community building. Co-founder of Ecoversities Alliance; Free Home University, and radio platform Firefly Frequencies. Recently involved in The School of the We, The New Alphabet School, and Seeding~Grounding. Editor at, she curated Pedagogies Otherwise; What's there to learn; and co-edited When the Roots Start Moving, Resonating with Zapatismo (Archive Books 2021). Upcoming: the School of the We Workbook, and Unlearning and Uplearning: Free Home University at 10.

Nikolay Oleynikov artist; punk; antifascist; member of CHTO DELAT; harmonica \ percussion \ voice of Arkady Kots band; mentor at Chto Delat SCHOOL of ENGAGED ART; present at ROSA’s House of Culture; co-pilot at Free Home University; contributor and editor for; author of the SEX of the OPPRESSED (FreeMarxistPress/PS-Guelph). Solo and collective exhibitions worldwide.
21.09.23, 18:00
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