Pre-fair program // Love & Solidarity Workshop

Participants: Anna Kin (Open Sourcing Love), Aigerim Tumenbay (Open Sourcing Love)

Join us for the Love and Solidarity Workshop organized by Open Sourcing Love artist collective from Kazakhstan. As part of the Miss Read Art Book Fair, our duo will try to expand your experience of love by involving you in a healing letter writing practice. During this practice you will explore letter writing as a form of expressing solidarity and support. The letters will then be sent to the Neue Nachbarschaft / Moabit center to the kids from the Ukrainian refugee families.

In the second part of the Love and Solidarity Workshop, we invite you to participate in a recording session of stories about love and hope for Lumbung Radio (, where love does not necessarily have to be romantic, but an everyday expression of empathy towards the world around us. We will share and create inspiring stories that give hope and faith in a peaceful future. We will also continue the healing letter writing practice and reflect on what love is and how it manifests.

We welcome you to join us on September 21st for an emotional journey, to create a connection with the community where love and solidarity reign.

No registration is needed.

Organisation and production assistance:
Lena Pozdnyakova and Luise Willer

With support from Goethe-Institut Kazakhstan
21.09.23, 12:00
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