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Pre-fair program // Sonic Inclusions

Participants: Germain Calsou, Luise Willer, Anna Kücking

An exploration of the moment where seemingly conflicting culture-nature relationships provide a moment of witnessing, rest, and connection. These hybrid spaces, found in various shapes from Colombia to Germany, Kazakhstan to Uganda, present a liminal space between imagination and reality of the world in the process of becoming. Inspired by artist Alvin Lucier, collected sounds will be played and amplified through portable and varied in scale "environments" – pots and other objects to echo as lines of sound but also resonant bodies.
Embedded in these, we will draw attention to the connection between the involuntary nature of hearing and the voluntary, selective nature of listening, as suggested by sound artist and composer Pauline Oliveros in the 1970s. The communal practice of listening as relational to local environments has been rooted in the experiences and cosmological ideas of indigenous groups around the world. We notice in our own lives, this has been neglected in the rapid pace of living we experience today. Together we will search for the various ambient sounds that are external to the interior, reflecting the intertwining and dialogicity of body and environment.

The obscure sonic landscapes and listening experiences draw on cultural portraits of places in junction with urban nature as convivial ecosystems with their peculiar habitats of humans, non-humans, and more than humans.

Sound installation with recordings from Almaty, Berlin, Bogota, Kampala, Paris, Venice and more, September 21st, 16.00-17.30h.

Live broadcasted from Berlin: https://lumbungradio.stationofcommons.org/

There, there working group:
Composition by Germain Calsou
Sounds by Sabrina Herrmann, Eldar Tagi, Semalye Thii
Words by Margarita Ariza Aguilar, Andrea Heredia, Anna Kücking
Objects by Lena Pozdnyakova
Organization and production Lena Pozdnyakova, Luise Willer, Liza Kin

Para lidiar con las ausencias aus Salve, Salva, Salvia by Margarita Ariza Aguilar
Laute Post. Weitererzählungen aus Kolumbien. Relatos de Colombia by Andrea Heredia
© there there working group
21.09.23, 16:00
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