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Systems and Their Discontents

Participants: Alan Smart (Other Forms), Marc Herbst, Scott Holmquist

Other Forms will present the new, fifth issue of their journal Counter-Signals, "Systems and Their Discontents" edited by Alan Smart and Jack Henrie Fisher.

Along with a general discussion of the themes of the new issue, contributors Mac Herbst and Scott Holmquist will present their project "Really Green—a speculatively Criminal and Green Ecology" on the archiving and writing the history of the radical political-economy/ecology of marijuana growing in Northern California.

Other Forms is a mobile research and design collective working in multiple intersections of architecture, graphic design, and publishing. Other Forms are Jack Henrie Fisher and Alan Smart and a fluid community of colleagues and comrades: writers, designers, artists, old and new friends, sympathetic strangers and unexpected allies encountered in orbits of practice.

Counter-Signals is a periodically produced journal addressing, in variable iterations, convergent aspects of design, media, and politics.
20.06.24, 18:00
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