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My name is Sanaa, I am the founder, publisher and editor in chief of 33 Carats magazine.
33 Carats is a cultural hip hop independent magazine exploring all the facets of hip hop in 33 issues. We are published twice a year. In september we will release the 7th issue.
The magazine is in French and in English and we are based in Paris.
In terms of the theme I am a Black women from East Africa (Comoros/Madagascar), I am the sole publisher and I fund the magazine by myself.
In the third issue we have interviewed Erykah Badu.https://bit.ly/3tAdULd.
The artist on the cover of the 4th issue, is Zamir a rapper from Lagos.We usually created 2 covers and on this 4th issue the back cover was Rza and Ashton Sanders who plays his role on the Hulu show Wu-tang An American saga : https://bit.ly/3lNZl4W This issue sold out during the exhibition hip hop 360 in Paris.
And in our latest issue dedicated to women (issue number 6), we share an exclusive unreleased pictures from the artist Aaliyah.http://bit.ly/3ZPm1Um
We were selected to attend Indiecon in Hamburg 3 times.
We also organise our own events and talks to promote the magazine.In May 2022 for example our talk was about the grillz culture. After that all our talks have been recorded and are available on Spotify.
Link to the fifth issue: https://bit.ly/3C7MkLs
Cover of the Sixth issue
Picture by Pascal Sacleux (1996), Cover of the Sixth issue, 33 carats Magazine, 2023, © Picture by Pascal Sacleux (1996)

Aaliyah is on the cover of our sixth issue release in March - This is an exclusive unreleased picture of the artist when she visited Paris for a promotional tour in 1996 by French photographer Pascal Sacleux

Open pages 33 Carats issue 6
33 Carats Magazine, Open pages 33 Carats issue 6, 33 Carats magazine, 2023, © 33 Carats Magazine

open pages of the magazine