AFRIKADAA is an artists' collective as well as an interactive contemporary art journal. The voices expressed through AFRIKADAA today fill a gap between the colonial continuum of local discourses and practices of resistance. They show that continuing to talk about 'us' without 'we' is part of a global misunderstanding of post-colonial issues.

AFRIKADAA presents itself as a pocket of resistance to the practices of legitimising power between territories, ideas and artistic movements. They bring another perspective to the contemporary art scene by telling the stories and trajectories of communities of artists across borders.

AFRIKADAA is also a small independent publishing house that supports the work of collectives, activists, artists and researchers.... Publishing is a way for people to meet up and think collectively about ways to emancipate themselves, and to think of publishing as a space of refuge that welcomes new, more inclusive narratives.
AFRIKADAA produces the African Art Book Fair, the AFRIKADAA art magazine, conferences and exhibitions,publication,zine and offers training and workshops on the history of contemporary African art.
Discrimination in art school
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