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artopia studio

Artopia studio engages in independent zine making and self-publishing, alongside of handmade artist books. Mostly focusing on photography explorations, the projects are also merging the disciplines of drawing, painting, printmaking, calligraphy, natural dye, installation, performance, and poetry writing. Screen printing and digital printing techniques are often collaborated in the process, and books are circulated primarily through different art book fairs in Asia and North America.
firmament acupoints
yiqian, firmament acupoints, artopia, 2023 © yiqian

256mmx174mm, 128P, first edition 2023, copies of 200. Sewn Bound, rice paper mounting cover, handwritten calligraphy. Documenting the installation calligraphy work on connections between ancient Chinese astrology and medical philosophy, in the dreamy subconscious mode.

noise aftermath
yiqian, noise aftermath, artopia, 2023 © yiqian

248mmx270mm, 168P, first edition 2023,copies of 200. Sewn Bound, soft cover. Book is about unknown aspects of emotional aftermath in life journey and environmental deconstruction and simultaneous integration.

north detour east
yiqian, north detour east, artopia, 2023 © yiqian

190mmx284mm, 128P, first edition 2022,copies of 200. Stitch Bound, soft cover, silkscreen print, A momentary development of the daily life imprints in northeast of China, exploring local residents social roles and environmental identities.