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Before we present our publishing profile in a little more detail, we would like to address the current political situation. As a publishing house with a focus on Eastern Europe, we are affected by the repercussions of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine in that we receive numerous inquiries from writers and artists from Ukraine, as well as oppositional writers and artists from Russia. When we founded the publishing house immediately after the annexation of Crimea, our reviewers rightly wrote: "The Berlin publishing house ciconia ciconia offers Eastern European literary figures and artists a forum and thus fills a void" (FAZ). But if a year ago our activities were primarily concerned with making texts and images accessible to the German public, we are now also intensively concerned with writers and artists who have fled from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Georgia. Only recently we succeeded in accommodating the artist Tanya Pioniker and the writer Ilya Danishevsky in Wiepersdorf Castle. Besides taking care of our authors and artists, we do not lose sight of our publishing activity, with the Ukrainian artist Tiberyj Szilvashi we have published the book "The Sky over Kyiv"; at the moment we are working on a book for young people by a Moldavian author Spiridon Vangheli, with the drawings of Ilya Kabakov.
Vladimir Sorokin / Daniel Richter, Nastja, ciconia ciconia, 2022 © Vladimir Sorokin / Daniel Richter
Der Himmel über Kyiv
Tiberiy Szilvashi, Der Himmel über Kyiv, ciconia ciconia Verlag, 2022 © Tiberiy Szilvashi
Nacktes Russland. Chronologie des Unfassbaren
Viktor Jerofejew / Annedore Dietze, Nacktes Russland. Chronologie des Unfassbaren, ciconia ciconia, 2023 © Viktor Jerofejew / Annedore Dietze