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Common Imprint

Common Imprint is a not-for-profit reading room project that presents over 400 independent publications from Asia, open by appointment every Friday and Saturday. It aims to create a shared platform and laboratory for investigating publication-related disciplines from South- East– and East Asia. The space will be for anyone who loves books and will host talks, events, workshops, and exhibitions relating to Asian publications in the field of fine art, photography, film, design and architecture.
The reading room aims to glimpse contemporary Asian culture, independent publishing scenes, and practices through their publications. Until now, the collection of books includes printed matters from East Asian countries (Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan) and Southeast Asian countries (Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Laos, Cambodia, and Singapore), as well as a limited number of books from the Middle East and Central Asia (U.A.E).
Common Imprint
Common Imprint, Common Imprint, 2023

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