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EBOOKS (Yumiko Tashiro/Rio Ebato)

EBOOKS is a unit of Yumiko Tashiro and Rio Ebato who make small numbers of self-published art books.
EBOOKS means Nice books. ("Nice" is "E" in Japanese.) In our busy days, we create nice and unique artworks by using photos and collages.
Yumiko Tashiro, NPC, Self publishing, 2020 © Yumiko Tashiro

This book is an experimental collage in which photographs of people from newspapers are cut out and collaged on a bookbinding.
Different photos are combined on the left and right pages to create a unique montage.

Bird Watching
Yumiko Tashiro, Bird Watching, Self publishing, 2022 © Yumiko Tashiro

This art book is about a stuffed toy bird looking at things in a room it’s in.

Rio Ebato, Typefece, Self publishing, 2022 © Rio Ebato

An art book featuring a series of smiles made with round brackets in various typefaces.
The typeface changes each turn over the page, and a variety of expressions appear.