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Errant Bodies Press

We are an independent publisher based in Berlin since 2007. Originally we started in Los Angeles, in 1995, and have been focusing on a range of issues and topics, including: sonic culture and spatial arts, artistic research, poetic and political thought. In addition, we run a project space in Prenzlauer Berg since 2013, where we hold seminars, workshops and reading groups; we are also associated with the Errant Sound project space. We are very interested in publishing as a creative and collaborative practice as well as relating to public discussions around art and politics, poetics and community. This is also expressed through our ongoing publishing of the free cultural newspaper, Free Berlin, which we present as a contribution to a diverse public culture.
The Listening Biennial Reader
The Listening Biennial Reader,

cover of our recent publication, connected to our work on The Listening Biennial.

Radical Sympathy
Radical Sympathy,

cover of our recent publication, a concise anthology capturing sympathy as the basis for planetary ethics.

Our project space
Our project space,

the home of activities open to others