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Galerie der abseitigen Künste

All knowledge is incomplete. Our knowledge is always only transitively correct. For this reason, our projects find their beginning in one medium and with a certain content, but remain open and constantly unfinished, possibly to expand their content via another medium, or to transition into something new.

For us, projects mean communicating content from different perspectives via different media and thus expanding cognition. Whether image, word, film, sound, discussion or representation - we move in between and need everything to approach the complexity of the world.
Bachmann Pasolin / Pasolini Bachmann
Bachmann-Pasolini-Vitali, Bachmann Pasolin / Pasolini Bachmann, Galerie der abseitigen Künste, 2022 © Bachmann-Pasolini-Vitali
Mein Leben im KZ
Harry and Martha Naujoks, Mein Leben im KZ, Galerie der abseitigen Künste, 2023 © Harry and Martha Naujoks
Zu Hegel: Herrschaft und Knechtschaft
Thomas Seibert, Zu Hegel: Herrschaft und Knechtschaft, Galerie der abseitigen Künsten, 2023 © Thomas Seibert