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Gong Créole

Gong Créole is a publishing house based in Nantes (France) and specialised in artists' books. Initiated by Budwarrior, visual artist and publisher. Gong Créole aims to promote the writings of artists but also the raw words of authors of all kinds. We publish contemporary poetry, fanzines, and unique handmade paper books. Co-founder of the BIB festival books art fair, taking place in Nantes city and with its Afro-Caribbean roots, Gong Créole also gives importance to the West Indian underground culture by producing bilingual editions in French creole, as well as the promotion of Afro-experimental music.
à l'ombre du diamant
Arthysm, à l'ombre du diamant, Gong Créole, 2022 © Arthysm

An artist's book featuring the pinhole photographs of Arthysm, a photographer and nomadic artist working in Brittany.
The book shows his photosensitive peregrinations in Martinique during the confinement made with salvaged boxes, milk cartons, cans, forming archaic pinholes and images with troubled compositions.

Bwa Bwa
Budwarrior, Bwa Bwa, Gong Créole, 2019 © Budwarrior

little story in bilingual french-creole language talking about demons and firewood in caribbean island.

Paysan Poète 3
Paysan Poète 3, Gong Créole, 2022

collaborative french poetry magazine, number 3.