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Gueari Galeri

Established in 2014, Gueari Galeri is an independent photobook gallery and publisher based in Jakarta and Bekasi, Indonesia. Our core focus lies in utilising the power of photography and photobooks as tools for self-discovery and catalysts for positive change through the presentation of personal narratives.

Our mission is to serve as a platform for inclusive creativity, providing individuals with the opportunity to expand their photographic works through the creation of photobooks, as well as exhibitions and installations. To support this mission, we have been conducting photobook classes (#kelasbukufotoguearigaleri), since 2015. These classes aim to empower participants in developing their personal stories using the medium of photobooks. Additionally, we organise photobook discussions (#ngobrolbukufoto), in various regions across Indonesia and abroad. These discussions serve as educational platforms to enhance photobook literacy.

Over the years, Gueari Galeri has had the opportunities of representing Indonesia in numerous local and international photography festivals. Some notable festivals include the Singapore International Photo Festival, Singapore Art Book Fair, Yangon Photo Festival, Jakarta International Photo Festival, Arles Books Fair, Singapore International Photography Festival, and Hong Kong International Photo Festival. These opportunities have allowed us to showcase the vibrant and diverse photography scene in Indonesia on a global stage.
Sutrisno Jambul, "Distraction" photobook installation at MBloc Space, Jakarta, Gueari Galeri, 2023 © Sutrisno Jambul

Our recent publication is titled 'Distraction.' This photobook is a collection of mannequin pieces, serving as a visual representation of Sutrisno Jambul's journey through his feelings and thoughts over the past 15 years.

Sutrisno Jambul, "Distraction" photo exhibition, Gueari Galeri, 2023 © Sutrisno Jambul

"Distraction" photo murals at Mbloc Space, Jakarta, Indonesia from 23 March to 21 April 2023

Gueari: the Life of the Photobook Designer
Andi Ari Setiadi, Gueari: the Life of the Photobook Designer, Gueari Galeri, 2022 © Andi Ari Setiadi

The cover of Gueari's book features a photobook that serves as an autophotobiography of Andi Ari Setiadi, narrating his life journey through a summary of past events. Through this photobook, he discovers that his life's purpose is to assist individuals seeking to develop their personal photographic works into photobooks. Gueari Galeri remains committed to advancing this cause and continuing to support the growth of photographic books in Indonesia.

Photo talk (#ngobrolfoto): Writing photo stories for social campaigns with Fieni Aprilia
Photo talk (#ngobrolfoto): Writing photo stories for social campaigns with Fieni Aprilia, Gueari Galeri, 2023

Photo talk (#ngobrolfoto) resulting from a workshop on writing photo stories for social campaigns, facilitated by Fieni Aprilia in collaboration with Gueari Galeri. Over a period of approximately six weeks, participants engaged in refining campaign ideas, conducting research, structuring their writing, and presenting photo stories.

Ten stories with social campaign topics were presented during #ngobrolfoto at @guearigaleri @pasarsanta.

The attendees enjoyed a variety of stories, ranging from the struggles of a child living with their mother who has dementia, the relationship between domestic animals and a young couple committed to not having children, the living spaces that increasingly resemble amusement parks for developers, the challenges of a woman in a polygamous marriage, the process of forgiving a woman who has experienced sexual harassment and grappling with her mental health, the routines of workers moving like zombies to survive in a city that never sleeps, to other stories that were shared during the photo talk.