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Hocus Bogus Publishing

Hocus Bogus Publishing is a small press publishing house based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Since its inception in 2015 it has served as a platform for young (comic) artists and visual creators. Frequently produced by the artists themselves in small and limited runs, these publications are filled with idiosyncratic words and images, radiating radical tenderness and humorous and DIY mischievous energies throughout. By showcasing and sharing these personal publications with a wider audience, HBP hopes to share the wonderful world of printed matter. Since 2021 HBP runs and operates its own printing and binding studio. With a Riso stencil duplicator at its heart, we are offering and sharing our expertise to help edit and produce works by collaborators and young artists. In 2022 Hocus Bogus Publishing moved into Roodkapje Rotterdam, an artspace dedicated to fringe visual arts, underground music and community building practices. At Roodkapje we provide printing assistance and involved in the residency program aswell as organising Riso print workshops from time to time.
Riso, paper, scissors
Various, Riso, paper, scissors, Roodkapje Rotterdam, 2023 © Various

Riso, paper, scissors was a 1 month workshop exhibition researching how digital stencil duplication could be used for animation. Visitors were invited to draw 36 frames which will later be printed and animated. The residents of the Hamburger Community of Art made several interventions , such as a XEROX body scan performance

Alles im Griff
Dennis Muñoz Espadiña, Alles im Griff, Hocus Bogus Publishing, 2022 © Dennis Muñoz Espadiña

Small zine with texts and images dealing with handles/handling.