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Humboldt Books

Humboldt Books is a publisher specialising in narratives and experiences of travel which undertakes interdisciplinary publishing projects, blending geography with literature, photography and art.
Humboldt Books collaborates with international artists, writers, photographers, designers and architects, gathering their travel stories – be they real or imaginary – and recounting these experiences through a new, unconventional gaze.
The publishing house was founded in 2012 by Giovanna Silva.
Foreign Architecture/Domestic Policy
Civil Architecture, Foreign Architecture/Domestic Policy, Humboldt Books, 2022 © Civil Architecture

One of the spread from the catalogue of Q8 gas station (and 'embassies') plus the poster in the back flap.

URSS 1941
Enrico Peressutti, URSS 1941, © Enrico Peressutti
From Here to Tibet
Hamish Fulton, Michael Hoepfner, From Here to Tibet, © Hamish Fulton, Michael Hoepfner