Javier Lozano – Miss Read

Javier Lozano

Publishing as a means for Art.
Making comics, drawings and paintings
around a concept or an idea
to be published as zines or books.

From gay sex intercourse (Good As You - several issues) to raw existentialism (The Outcast, Broken Dreams, Egyptian Task, Caligula Camus). From children books in German (Erik der Igel, Der Hund die nie lacht) to zines of disturbing drawings (Hope, No More Pain, The Mirror, Soft power) or paintings (Answers).
Everything always infused with sense of humor and care.

Aside from the zines, a couple of self-published big books of drawings: All Yours, (222 pages compiling my drawing zines from 2011 to 2021), and The Most Beautiful Cock in The World, (170 live drawings of the same beautiful cock).

And finally, some books published under Spanish labels:
Firewall, drawings (Anoche Press, 2023)
Ser Amado, comic (Fulgencio Pimentel, 2019)
Demons, paintings (Frac de Medusas, 2018)
Welcome, comic (Belleza Infinita, 2016)
The Most Beautiful **** In The World
Javier Lozano, The Most Beautiful **** In The World, Self Published, 2022 © Javier Lozano

Cover and inner pages of the zine (censured version of the book)

The Outcast
Javier Lozano, The Outcast, Self Published, 2022 © Javier Lozano

Cover of the zine

Angela Losa and Javier Lozano, Lady, self-published, 2022 © Angela Losa and Javier Lozano

Cover and inner pages of Lady, the first of the five zines made with Ángela Losa, creating LGTBIQ+ narratives using archive photos