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Jessie Churchill

Jessie Churchill is an artist and self publisher based in Leeds, UK. She makes books, objects and printed matter which all run alongside her day-to-day artistic practice. Works often developing from offcuts and experiments. Her practice explores the mediums of photography, illustration and sculpture. Jessie begun her publishing practice in 2013. Her publications take on a fun natural form as they are a fluid extension of her ongoing projects. Books have no set editions and many designs change gradually over time.
Jessie Churchill, Cherry, Jessie Churchill, 2020 © Jessie Churchill

Cherry is a collection of illustrations based around an outdoor summer picnic, taking place in July 2020. The publication visually follows the preparation of the food and activities through to the final event.

Jessie Churchill, Midday, Jessie Churchill, 2021 © Jessie Churchill

‘Midday’ is a photo series based around the idea of ‘fleeting moments’ The series focuses on a picnic blanket, used over the course of a midday lunch. The images were recently presented through a solo show at Nokia Kirjasto-ja Kultuuritalo, Finland.

Jessie Churchill, Sand, Jessie Churchill, 2023 © Jessie Churchill

Sand is a snapshot of the stones I pick up when I’m going about my daily business. It is a thick gloss card index style book, with 8 shiny pages. Double sided cards can be interchanged and slotted into each spread of pages.

Jessie Churchill, Satsuma, Jessie Churchill, 2019 © Jessie Churchill

Satsuma is series of 5 double side print posters, in a yellow vellum sleeve with a strip of neon to fasten. The series is taken through a set of traditional celluloid filters and left un edited. The main focus is an orange cast in glass, creating the visual starting point for the work.

Jessie Churchill, Soften, Jessie Churchill, 2017 © Jessie Churchill

Soften is a photo series of shadows taken on 35mm film.