Metalibro – Miss Read


Metalibro is a collection dedicated to promote contemporary photography through the publication of zines and photobook collections by chilean authors.
Metalibro was born mid 2018, same year in which the first 4 volumes whithin the M collection were published. Till the date, 10 volumes of the same collection have been published. We currently have 19 publications and 2 new ones that we will present in September.
In all of our publications a presentation text, that reflects on the author´s work exhibited in these photozines and photobooks, is elaborated. These texts are made by the chilean sociologist Mónica Salinero and other authors, and a translator for english version of these texts.
In the Metalibro each letter of the word M E T A L I B R O is supposed to be a collection as well as an excuse for publishing.
S*x, P*rn & Feminism
Mónica Muñoz & Pol Rodríguez, S*x, P*rn & Feminism, Metalibro, 2022, © Mónica Muñoz & Pol Rodríguez

S*X, P*RN & Feminism is a plunge into the thoughts and desires of 6 individuals who fight against the heteropatriarchal inheritance through feminist porn, images of explicit sex from a more feminine point of view, made for a society that needs more sex education and less pressure of the powers that be. A sexual revolution. This book is the full transcription of these thoughts. With the texts come portraits of the six characters, frames from the documentary S*X, P*RN & EDUCATION, and a backstage photo documentary from the HardWerk Film Studio shooting of “Hologang”.
This project arose in mid-2018 after conversations about feminist porn with the journalist Salvador Martínez. The idea was to get into the subject by conducting interviews with some of the most relevant characters in the scene. Without a clear initial struc- ture or budget or production whatsoever, the first interview was organized in a way to serve as a key to carrying out those that came later. The project consists of this book and also a short film documentary.

Trato de ir todos los días
Diego Urbina, Trato de ir todos los días, Metalibro, 2021, © Diego Urbina

I'ts not a minor task to decide which are the images that will be part of the memory of the popular revolt that burst with generalized force in October of 2019 in Chile. The political understanding that every human being carries is a responsibility and that is set in motion when selecting, editing, building a visual story, and choosing any caption or an entry point in the reading of the visual story. This book (I try to go every day) gathers a selection of the production made by Diego Urbina in the renamed "Plaza de la Dignidad" (fomerly Plaza Italia) and its surroundings in downtown Santiago during 2019.