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microutopías, Publication Studio Montevideo

microutopías is a Uruguayan publication studio, it is oriented toward art books, zine production, and risograph pressings rooted in micropolitical artistic works in the collective construction of new dissident narratives from the South. We explore the graphic resource as a narrative element of the works, expanding its interpretations and the creation of meaning and subjectivities in the readers, in collaborative projects that are conceived as creative and reflective exercises of co-creation.

The studio shares publishing practices with PS Montevideo, part of the worldwide Publication Studio network since 2020. Member of "Lumbung of publishers," international publishing network formed from participation in Documenta 15 in Kassel, in 2022. Organizer of the Montevideo Art Book Fair since 2018.

Publishing as collective creation. Publishing as an exercise in political imagination. Publishing as a proposal for other ways of doing. Publishing as assumed and problematized privilege. Publishing as a decolonizing micropolitical performance. Publishing as the possibility of finding allies. Publishing as the generation of micro-utopias. Publishing as an artistic practice.
Metafísica de la prehistoria indoamericana
Joaquin Torres García, Metafísica de la prehistoria indoamericana, microutopías, 2022 © Joaquin Torres García

Facsimile of "Metafísica de la prehistoria Indoamericana" (Metaphysics of Indo-American Prehistory); transcription of a series of lectures that Torres Garcia delivered to the Association of Constructive Art (AAC) in Montevideo in 1938–1939.

The work is a further attempt by the artist to link the abstract tradition of South American Inca art to the universal European tradition of geometric abstraction. These lectures laid the philosophical and theoretical groundwork for Torres-García’s claim that constructivism was an artistic language indigenous to the Americas.

6.2 x 8 inches (14.8 x 21 cm)
risograph printed, softcover saddle stitch bound

Vanguardia Poética Latinoamericana
Clemente Padín, Vanguardia Poética Latinoamericana, microutopías, 2021 © Clemente Padín

An anthology of essays by the Uruguayan artist Clemente Padín, on the poetic and visual practices of the region: experimental poetry, mail art, video art, urban interventions and poetic action, among others.

+400 pages of Latin American poetic, political and visual practices
6 x 8 inches (15 x 21 cm)
offset printed, softcover sewn bound

La Suiza de América
Darío Marroche, La Suiza de América, microutopías, 2023 © Darío Marroche

Portrait of Montevideo from 1941, through a collection of intervened photographs taken by the reporter Hart Preston. Uruguay is in a historical moment of prosperity and economic progress in the period between the wars, mainly due to its livestock exports, turning the capital of the country into an idyllic city with public spaces, infrastructures and outstanding and avant-garde architecture, therefore which is called "the Switzerland of America." Printed in risography.

4.1 x 5.8 inches (10.5 × 14.8 cm)
risograph printed, softcover rubber band bound