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Based in Istanbul, Onagöre is an independent publisher of award-winning books on visual arts, poetry, and essays. Focusing primarily on photobooks and artists’ publications, our publishing has expanded into poetry, literature and critical studies. Our publications bring together leading creative minds and cultural institutions. We aim to think with the artists, to be a part of their world of references, and to create unique works that we imagine together with care and thought. Onagöre promotes experimentation with artistic practices related to the book as an art object. We always contemplate the possibilities and limitations of books as a physical medium; we consider our releases as artwork in the form of a book and we explore collaborative and innovative publishing potentials.
Tefrika Istanbul 003: Notion of a City
Ci Demi, Tefrika Istanbul 003: Notion of a City, Onagöre, 2022, © Ci Demi

Spread from the book. Our ongoing photobook series, "Tefrika Istanbul." Each volume features a different photographer that offers a fresh look at Istanbul. The third volume, "Notion of a City" by Ci Demi, was published at the end of 2022.

Deniz Kirkali and Ekin Kano, Otomy, Onagöre, 2022, © Deniz Kirkali and Ekin Kano

Title page of the book. This book is about the body’s insides and outsides, boundaries, materiality, decay, leak. The spine of the book is made of silicone.

The Importance of an Afternoon Nap at the Paperwork Hotel
ES Kibele Yarman, The Importance of an Afternoon Nap at the Paperwork Hotel, Onagöre, 2022, © ES Kibele Yarman

Spread from the book. Part assemblage, part concrete poetry, the book invites the reader for a serene and calm read.