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P+4 Publications

P+4 Publications is a small-scale publishing programme dedicated to the promotion of Romanian contemporary art, photography and architecture, exploring the book medium as a point of encounter between theoretical research, experiments in graphic design, and ideas and subjects tackled by artists in their practice. Presently, the programme brings together the Artist Book Series and the Architecture Book Series, Parkour and Exhibition-Dossier series. Starting from 2021, P+4 Publications is managed by the Institute of the Present, a non-for-profit independent research platform in the field of visual and performing culture. Centred on artists and their personal accounts, time-specific encounters and means of (self-)archiving, the Institute looks at various practices and situations from the recent past until today from a transnational and transcultural perspective.
The publishing programme, initiated by art historian Alina Serban, was born out of necessity, having in mind as concepts: the need to research; the need to transfer information; the need to learn.
When Eye Touches Cloud
Constantin Flondor, When Eye Touches Cloud, P+4 Publications / Institute of the Present, 2021 © Constantin Flondor

”When Eye Touches Cloud” is the first monograph dedicated to the manifold oeuvre of Romanian artist Constantin Flondor (born 1936, in Czernowitz, based in Timișoara since 1948), the leading protagonist of the art groups 111, Sigma and Prolog. This richly illustrated publication takes a closer look on the influential body of work he had produced in painting, kinetic and Op art, land art, action, experimental film and photography.

Ion Grigorescu, Bucharest, P+4 Publications / Institute of the Present, 2020 © Ion Grigorescu

Ion Grigorescu's (born 1945, Bucharest) practice, ranging from painting to photography, from film and photo-performance to diary writing, does not necessarily comply with the historical canons of art. The publication ”Bucharest” provides insight into the artist’s experimental photographic and filmic practice seen from the perspective of a recurrent subject he investigates, the city of Bucharest and its surroundings, during the years 1964–1994.

Books by P+4 Publications
Books by P+4 Publications, P+4 Publications / Institute of the Present, 2019

Few titles part of P+4 Publications programme: 24 Arguments. Early Encounters in Romanian Neo-Avant-Garde 1969-1971 (2020); Dan Perjovschi. The Book of Notebooks (2021)