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In her artistic practice Perliiitas, engages in fanzines, illustration and videos. They also are director of Videoclub
Their zines emerge from a process of searching and collecting treasures from the streets and making collage to seek relationships, images and ironies to evidence the cruel remnants of the past and unlock western meanings, in an attempt to open visual spaces that dismantle things that cut off our enjoyment and freedom.. They feels a sense of urgency to change the grammar and logic of language, thus playing with images.

Their research revolves around the relationship between the human body and animality, seeking to transcend the layers of socialization imposed upon us. Their role as a personal assistant to individuals with diverse physical and cognitive abilities, serves as a driving force to question conventional notions of normality.
dudas sobre el capacitismo y otras dudas
perliiitas, dudas sobre el capacitismo y otras dudas, perra pañuelos, 2021 © perliiitas

"Doubts about Ableism and Other Questions" is a book that shares a glimpse of my experience as a sister, friend, caregiver, and collaborative artist with individuals with disabilities. It explores the conflicts and joys I encountered along the way. The book particularly delves into my childhood experiences of ignorance, pain, discrimination, and exclusion towards my sister.

I spent a considerable amount of time studying to find appropriate quotes to share with my sister, allowing both of us to expand our understanding of our bodies and sensitivities in light of our experiences. This opened up a beautiful world for us, when we began to explore the concept of "disability" without pity or compassion.

The zine is a compilation of various quotes from body anthropology, speeches by individuals with disabilities, texts on medicine, bodies, education, and philosophy. Additionally, I have translated the text "Teletón: Temple of Ableism" by edu O, Anahí Guedes, and Manoela Back.

recycled fanzines
perliiitas, recycled fanzines, perliiitas, 2019 © perliiitas
recycled fanzines
perliiitas, recycled fanzines, 2019 © perliiitas
recycled fanzines
perliiitas, recycled fanzines, 2019 © perliiitas