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per(r)ucho risograph

We are a collective focused on the creation of books, fanzines, and graphic works in risography. We work from Valencia, in Spain and we love to take our projects on a trip. From time to time we organize Riso workshops in associations, universities and in our workshop. We are interested in maintaining the integral development of our projects, from their conception to their sale, going through all the necessary processes to build books.
follow the pattern
per(r)ucho + simone virgini, follow the pattern, per(r)ucho, 2023 © per(r)ucho + simone virgini

Ludovico Center, a Clockwork Orange, recreation in risograph by per(r)ucho

the 70's - the zone
per(r)ucho + FCO, the 70's - the zone, per(r)ucho, 2023 © per(r)ucho + FCO

cover of our book The 70´s - the zone, its shows a risograph version of Trellick Tower in London

 Brutal Napoli. ED portuale
per(r)ucho, Brutal Napoli. ED portuale, per(r)ucho, 2022 © per(r)ucho

This is part of our XXL folder guilty of brutalist arch.