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Printer Fault Press is an artist-run publishing house based in a bedroom in Frankfurt am Main, with a foot in Mallorca. We produce ideas ranging from books and wearables to radio shows and limited-edition prints. The publishing house was founded in 2019 by Ian Waelder and seeks to offer artists a platform to share their work in the form of a book, on most occasions for the first time. Supporting fellow artists in Frankfurt and elsewhere, Printer Fault serves as a heteronym to its collaborators and an excuse to explore ways of sharing works and gestures of art through different projects.
High Expectations
Emma Bombail, High Expectations, Printer Fault Press, 2023 © Emma Bombail

High Expectations is Emma Bombail’s first publication. In this issue, the reader will immerse in an object that, taking the form of a script, compiles a selection of Bombail’s writing. The style is akin to uttered writing, working both as a prop to be worn –moved around and potentially damaged– as well as the artist’s score: a collection of reports to be performed and spoken aloud. These texts go from quotes and poems to one-liner observations of daily life, all the way to deeply intimate diaristic confessions, featuring cold and cruel replies of her lovers, dream reports, reflections of an art student, anecdotes and observations from friends, and what can bound Chantal Akerman and Rainer Werner Fassbinder movies, among many other things.

Book designed by Shelim Alvarado and published by Printer Fault Press in Frankfurt am Main, 2023.

X Splits the line
Alice Peach, X Splits the line, Printer Fault Press, 2022 © Alice Peach

Our first photo-book by Alice Peach (Bari, 1996) compiles a series of photographs taken between 2017 and 2022 in Berlin, London, Milan, Torre a Mare, Amsterdam and Antwerp. Following a play between children’s drawing books to connect the dots and numbers, it invites the viewer to follow the same exercise to navigate these imaginary shapes through different visual moments. These construct the narrative of a diary mixing the intimacy of objects, food, interiors and people with frozen instants of urban and rural landscapes from Peach's trips over the last years.

The book of 76 pages is an edition of 150 copies and a transparent dust jacket covers it with a silk-screen drawing from the artist.

How well is communicated?
francisco m.v., How well is communicated?, Printer Fault Press, 2022 © francisco m.v.

This publication is the first artist book by francisco m.v. (Santiago de Chile, 1990). It is the compilation of a selection of drawings, collages, empty pages, notes and textual interventions from different notebooks done in 2021 and 2022. The first edition is a run of 40 copies, each with hand drawings, writings and numbered by the artist.

You Can Be A Wealthy/Cash-strapped Art Collector In The Digital Aged
Pau Waelder, You Can Be A Wealthy/Cash-strapped Art Collector In The Digital Aged, Printer Fault Press, 2020 © Pau Waelder

This book is a practical guide to collecting contemporary art using the tools available online and on any smartphone or tablet, with a special focus on digital art and the particular advantages and challenges it presents to collectors. The guide is intended for anyone who would like to collect art, regardless of their knowledge of the art market—or their budget.

The volume is divided into three parts: two separate (but related) manuals and a troubleshooting guide for collectors of digital art.

Ich bin Sandra
VV.AA. (Karl Holmqvist workshop), Ich bin Sandra, Printer Fault Press, 2021 © VV.AA. (Karl Holmqvist workshop)

With contributions by Bogdan Ablozhnyy, John Flindt, Graham Hamilton, Karl Holmqvist, Lin Jing, David Moser, Dudu Quintanilha, Ian Waelder and Vera Varlamova.

Published on the occasion of the workshop #THEREISNOAUDIENCE... held by Karl Holmqvist on Friday November 15th, 2019 at Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main.

Participants in the workshop #THEREISNOAUDIENCE... started with some basic voice exercises chanting out all vowels together as a group (including the Sweedish Å Ä Ö). They were then asked to write down two random sentences each that were compiled to a list and then read out loud before finally being used in the nine poems by each individual participant. In the meantime there were some discussing around what it takes exactly to be performing in front of others, differences between the spoken and the writen and the role of language and writing in visual arts.