Robineggpie – Miss Read


I'm a narrative-based illustrator who tells the story of 33, the protagonist, through the medium of cartoons and using the technique of printmaking. Each episode has a picaresque composition, and each book centered on keywords such as birth (Pear Drop/2015), dream (33, The Dream Anatomy/2016), choice (Pizza or Chicken?/2022), and faith (Pizza Saver/2022) and sin and punishment (The heaven and the sinner/2023).
The Heaven and the Sinner
Robineggpie, The Heaven and the Sinner, Robineggpie, 2022, © Robineggpie

For paying the wrong price for pizza, the main character receives an empty pizza box and falls into "Pizza Heaven" and "Chicken Hell." It is the story of the main character who traveled to the world of pizza and chicken like Dante's . The world is a "pizza heaven" divided equally into eight equal parts and a "chicken hell" where you have to compete for food fiercely over your preferred parts.

Pizza Saver
Robineggpie, Pizza Saver, Robineggpie, 2023, © Robineggpie

What should we depend on in the face of the world where everything is collapsing (or my mind get swayed)? It's a piece of plastic that looks useless to us who received the pizza box, but it's the story of a Pizza Saver who protects the pizza more than any belief or system while the pizza is being delivered.

33_The Dream Anatomy
Robineggpie, 33_The Dream Anatomy, Robineggpie, 2016, © Robineggpie

Violence and pain that life throws. [33-The Dream Anatomy] is a work drawn on a dream that is a space to be solved. In such an unconscious space, anxiety, madness, and helplessness follow the hero like a shadow.