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Rue du bouquet

About myself ? First of all, I love books, I love working with photographers, graphic designers, printers.
With an original and independent approach, my publishing house tries to highlight the harmony between image and design, bringing together the visions and talents of photographer-authors, contemporary artists and writers. The result of this collaboration is reflected in singular works, a veritable prism of varied sensibilities and perspectives
Aurélie Scouarnec, FERAE, RUE DU BOUQUET, 2023 © Aurélie Scouarnec

The cover of the last book.
With Feræ, Aurélie SCOUARNEC questions the ephemeral captivity of wild animals collected in care centres. Her photographs appear as sound boxes for the suffering of this wounded fauna with clumsy bodies in tension, sometimes in abandonment. The hands of caregivers wrap around the animals. They handle carefully, dress up, disappear under the down feathers. They also take a vice, they enclose. Feræ thus reveals the vital pulse and luminous energy of what throbs and vibrates all around us.

To Dance With the Devil
Mickaël Vis, To Dance With the Devil, 2021 © Mickaël Vis