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Sadclub was founded in Beijing by illustrator Gu Yangfan and director Zuo Fei.We believe that sadness is a universal emotion. What we are currently doing is connecting with the outside world through media such as illustrations, videos and Zines.To create a dialogue space with real individuals.
Representative works: Sadbunny.
F, 《SADBUNNY》, Sadclub, 2021 © F

100x100mm, 36p
This book is about the protagonist Sadbunny living alone in the city. Describing his search for freedom in his daily ordinary life.

Sadness is the foundation of life. Happiness that cannot last long is so precious.

All tired and lost emotions are the true self. I believe in the power of loneliness, as if accumulating strength in the darkness to see the brighter sunlight.

Like Sadbunny, with all the yearning, expectations, and hopes for life, we constantly search for the meaning of life in our own way.

《Who is Sadbunny》
F, 《Who is Sadbunny》, Sadclub, 2023 © F

This zine contains the life of the four seasons. Regarding the different moments of the four seasons, individuals and nature, space and time. Being in a daze in the natural world can minimize anxiety and worries. We believe that this brief escape is beneficial for both body and mind.

Many people say that Sadbunny seems to be himself.

Work hard, give up, and persist in the repetitive boring life. A real individual who still maintains love and small courage in the real world. Let emotions flow naturally and face your true self.

Who is Sadbunny?

Perhaps this is the answer.

《Let's take a walk 》
F, 《Let's take a walk 》, © F

The zine includes illustrations of our travels in Japan before the epidemic, and is also an individual observation diary of living in the ground. Walking style travel seems to always leave behind regrets, but it also reaps warm and shining memories. We hope to use this mood to relax with everyone in the busy life.

《Walking with you》
F, 《Walking with you》, Sadclub, 2022 © F

This is a travel film zine. The photo comes from the Fuji disposable film camera we found when we moved in the past. The book records the sunshine in Bali, the neon signs and people in Hong Kong, and the streets in Japan. This zine is also the world before the COVID-19 in 2021.

《Walking with you》
F, 《Walking with you》, Sadclub, 2023 © F

148x210mm, 54p
This book depicts in black and white lines our observations on the changes in Hong Kong when we returned five years later. We walk into the center of the city, but at the same time wander around the edges. The book shows the life of ordinary people behind the disappearing signs, skyrocketing prices and material desires.