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Small Editions

Small Editions is a Brooklyn, NY based book studio and publishing house established in 2012 that collaborates with early- to mid-career artists to publish limited edition bookworks and artist books. Through each of our projects, we seek to explore the book's role in contemporary art by combining traditional bookbinding techniques with experimental materials and multi-media construction methods.
Rhea Karam, Somewhere/Elsewhere, Small Editions, 2023 © Rhea Karam

Overhead image of twin leporellos opened in a semi-scupltural arragement feating images of walls.

Somewhere/Elsewhere is a continuation of the artist book Parallel Planes (Rhea Karam, 2022). It further explores the notion of lines and borders within the urban landscape. The unique structure of this book leads the viewer into a journey where they can navigate city streets through a series of photographs of textured architectural planes coexisting side by side. Each page acts like a layer that can be peeled back or overlapped, allowing the viewer to interact and construct their own visual landscape within an infinite amount of possible compositions. (There is no specific direction or order in which the book should be viewed, drawing a parallel with the abstract notion of constructed identity and displacement.)