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Sold Out Publishing

Sold Out is a publishing house based in London, with the aim to diversify and culturally decolonize visual culture by publishing toolkits, materials, and essays from underrepresented perspectives within the media, visual arts, and design industry. The purpose is not simply to diversify or democratize the publishing and referencing system; it is to go further and question the inequalities and power dynamics in the spaces around us. Sold Out is a platform with an intersectional approach that facilitates multiple perspectives and aesthetics. It is based on plurality and does not claim to hold complete universal truth or knowledge. We are here to facilitate our authors' stories, theories, and designs. Since its inception in 2020, Sold Out has published 7 publications.
How May I Serve You
Jose Garcia Oliva, How May I Serve You, Sold Out Publishing, 2023 © Jose Garcia Oliva

The book 'How May I Serve You' is repeated and presented openly to show its content. It presents a few spreads with text and images.

Broken English
Ravista Mehra, Broken English, Sold Out Publishing, 2020 © Ravista Mehra

The book 'Broken English' is presented unbound. The cover made out of cardboard is separated from the 12 booklets. We can see the names of the author's stories appearing in the right-hand top corner of the booklets.

Not a Reference Yet
Bakhtawer Haider and Betty Brunfaut, Not a Reference Yet, Sold Out Publishing, 2021 © Bakhtawer Haider and Betty Brunfaut

The book 'Not a Reference Yet' is lying on a decorated background with its pages open. The cover is yellow and we can read on one of the inside pages "The White Saviour Complex"