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Suture Press

Publishing house promoting contemporary philosophy and conceiving of books not only as information mediums but also as places and mnemotechnic tools.

Suture Press connects heterogeneous elements: contemporary art, Africa conceived as a paradigm of the future world, contemporary continental philosophy, the theory of architecture and reflection on a communism for the 21st century. Suture Press aims to foster the renewal of abstract and theoretical thinking.
Suture Press produces books in various languages, in English, French, or even Czech. Besides the publication of books and art catalogues, the publishing house also organizes colloquia and lectures in collaboration with the Prague Axiomatic Circle. So far, we have published two monographs of the artist of Senegalese origin Cheikh Ndiaye (including texts by Manthia Diawara, Alain Badiou, Mamadou Diouf, Alicia Knock, and Valentine Umansky) as well as Revolutions for the Future: May ’68 and the Prague Spring (including texts by Jacques Ranciere and Etienne Balibar as well as by a generation of scholars working on the legacy of Czechoslovak Marxism) and Sometimes, We Are Eternal by Alain Badiou. Our books have been translated in Korean and are currently being translated in Spanish. We are currently working on our next book, a seven-years collection of philosophical interviews with Alain Badiou to be published in Autumn 2023.
Archives of the Sun / Archives du Soleil
Cheikh Ndiaye, Archives of the Sun / Archives du Soleil, Suture Press, 2022 © Gregory Copitet

cover of the book, hardcover bound in black fabric with foil stamp print

various, covers, Suture Press, 2019 © Gregory Copitet
Sometimes, We Are Eternal
Alain Badiou, Sometimes, We Are Eternal, Suture Press, 2018 © Alain Badiou

cover of the book, harcover bound in silver fabric with color print and foil stamp print

Books, Suture Press © Gregory Copitet
Sometimes, We Are Eternal
Alain Badiou, Sometimes, We Are Eternal, © Gregory Copitet