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Technomaterialism & Future Ethics

Technomaterialism is an Afro-diasporic and Black materialist multidisciplinary platform formed by Black writers, musicians and club workers, and focused on providing alternatives to McCarthyism & neoliberal representation optics in dance music. We published our first zine of essays in 2022 and are preparing a second zine for launch at Miss Read in 2023.

Future Ethics is a music label and zine focused on creating community and beauty in dance music. The future we are fighting for is feminist, queer, anti-racist, anti-capitalist, and inclusive of all abilities. Future ethics are embodied in the experimental, the cerebral, the intentional, the radical: sounds and words that break with convention and at times simply break. We have three zines and a music compilation — you can also visit to see more.
Rave Ethics zine table at rave
Giulio Derchi, Rave Ethics zine table at rave, Future Ethics, 2023 © Giulio Derchi

Harm reduction table at a rave in Italy, 2023. Taken by the translator of Rave Ethics into Italian. The poster "How to get high without alcohol" comes from the most recent Future Ethics zine.

L'Etica dei Rave
Giulio Derchi, L'Etica dei Rave, Future Ethics, 2023 © Giulio Derchi

Riso printed copies of the Italian translation of Rave Ethics zine

Technomaterialism logo
Technomaterialism logo, Technomaterialism, 2023

Technomaterialism's logo, featuring a sickle on top of a CDJ, with a flame underneath, surrounded by chains