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Temblores Publicaciones

Temblores Publicaciones is the publishing house of Terremoto Magazine. Our project started in 2017 and has been based in Mexico City since then. We seek to create and continue editorial spaces that enable critical dialogues among active agents within the contemporary art circuits in the Americas, starting from situated thought and research from the region.

We conceive the book as a tool that has the possibility to expand artistic and critical thinking, a support that by its form and content can evoke and share radical imaginaries around other art histories. Our production and distribution networks are vital for us to continue to knit relationships among our work and different cultural, artistic, and editorial platforms that nurture our practice.
Undoing Time: Art and Histories of Incarceration
Undoing Time: Art and Histories of Incarceration, Temblores Publicaciones, 2022

Published on the occasion of the group show Undoing Time Project: Art and Histories of Incarceration, held at the Arizona State University Art Museum, this catalog and traveling exhibition is an exercise in tracking, recovering, and analyzing different voices that confront the horizons of meaning that sustain the penitentiary system in the US.

Botanical Readings: Erythroxylum Coca
Ximena Garrido-Lecca, Botanical Readings: Erythroxylum Coca, Temblores Publicaciones, 2022 © Ximena Garrido-Lecca

Botanical Readings: Erythroxylum Coca is an installation by the artist Ximena Garrido-Lecca, presented at proyectoamil in Lima, 2019. The piece was composed by a hydroponic structure for the cultivation of coca plants, whose leaves—and their divinatory ancestral possibilities—answered the questions that visitors had about their own future. This publication reviews the different historical and visual layers that make up the installation, where the coca is inserted as an agent whose circulation, consumption and significance resists the impetus that, from the West, has tried to inventory the desires and stories contained within it; while at the same time continue growing as a living input of the colonial capitalist machine.

Black Star. A Retro-Prospective of the work of Eugenia Martinez and other women
Eugenia Martínez, Black Star. A Retro-Prospective of the work of Eugenia Martinez and other women, Temblores Publicaciones, 2023 © Eugenia Martínez

This publication is an anthological and retro-prospective publication on the work of artist Eugenia Martínez (Monterrey, Mexico, 1976). This review incorporates almost twenty years of the Monterrey artist's production while introducing re-sensitizations to the local and global feminist movements that are being built and transformed every day. This work brings together the voices of women authors from different generations and contexts who encounter their struggles through gestures and symbols. Black Star invokes reflections and thoughts that flow between times, spaces and images.