TING5 – Miss Read


TING5 Graphic designer, illustrator from Taiwan. Work-based in Taipei. My work is inspired by what I observe daily. The works are not only humorous but also aimed at bringing joy to viewers and triggering their sense of humor and childlike wonder. The work includes printmaking, pottery, screen printing, animation, and book illustrations, among other mediums.
Some Objects : Flexible snake
TING5, Some Objects : Flexible snake, 2022 © TING5

I never thought I would draw so many snakes. At the beginning, I wasn't very fond of them. But when I draw a snake, I start thinking about what limits us and how close we actually are.

This series are imagination of snake include 11 pictures and 5 stories.

A snake be like a pretzel, a stair or a hat. Every imaginations looks seem all make sense in the book.

This book is 4m length accordion binding that consistent with snake subject.

Page: 48

Publish year :2022

Size:L400 x H14.1cm

Print in Taiwan

Some objects:Wheels, car
TING5, Some objects:Wheels, car, 2022 © TING5

"Create your own car by yourself," I always say when you read. I hope you will have a fun experience that will inspire you to explore even more enjoyable ways.

The book is a Filp-matching book that have 3 three independent sections with different shapes. That can be flip each page to recombine a car. One hundred thousand possibles to create a car of this book.

TING5, Apple, 2023 © TING5

This series revolves around an apple story. Each picture is composed of various objects. There are a total of 24 pictures in this series, which can be rearranged to create new storylines. It allows you to share your own apple story with everyone. The book packaging is made from recycled fruit wrapping.

Page: 26

Publishyear :2023

Size:L14.2 x H10.2cm

Print in Taiwan