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Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin

The weissensee school of art and design berlin was founded in 1946 as an alternative to the traditional art academy. Building on the ideas and teaching of the Bauhaus movement, the school of art and design stands out because of its unique profile. It offers more than 800 students from Germany and abroad a one-year, interdisciplinary course of foundation studies. These basics in art and design are followed by diploma studies in free art as well as bachelor and master’s degrees in design. This classless system is accompanied by detailed, research-based teaching of theory and history. Students can complete their studies in sculpture, stage and costume design, fashion design, product design, textile and surface design, and visual communication. The range of courses on offer is complemented by two advanced master’s courses in art therapy and spatial strategies. In addition to the individual specialist subject areas, the school’s 19 superbly equipped workshops and studios provide practical, technical training in printing, casting, weaving and knitting skills as well as in solid digital technologies. The research laboratories at the school focus on experimental research and networks for sustainable design strategies as well as media and information technologies.
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