ZAM ZADEH – Miss Read


My pen name is Zam Zadeh and I’m a storyteller and visual artist, originally from Iran and based in Belgium/Brussels. I have a background in speculative narration (l’ERG, Brussels), and digital storytelling (Kask, Gent). I have exhibited projects in South Korea, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, and Belgium and been part of numerous book and zine fairs in different European cities.

My art practice has always had some sort of direct or indirect connection in my country's heritage, literature and history. I’m fascinated by Persian art and its philosophy which is based on the idea of friendship, love and appreciation of life. I enjoy reading and get inspired by work of other artists in the diaspora and also feminist writers and artists.

Glad that I came, not sorry to depart
Azam Masoumzadeh, Glad that I came, not sorry to depart, Casset for timescapes, 2020, © Azam Masoumzadeh

It's a graphic novel about the poetry of an Iranian astrologer and poet Omar Khayyam. It's also about the relationship of Azam (the author of the book) with her mother and the influence of Omar Khayyam's poetry on their lives and relationship.

Crying Zine
Azam Masoumzadeh, Crying Zine, Self published, 2020, © Azam Masoumzadeh

In 2019 for numerous reasons I was going through a tough time, but as cheesy as it sounds, I got out of it stronger! This Fanzine is about the power of tears and strong emotions.

Azam Masoumzadeh, Taarof, Self-published, 2022, © Azam Masoumzadeh

Taarof is something extremely Iranian, it’s an extraordinary difficult concept, with broad complex layers of behaviors. This is an explanation of Taroof in a humorous way.