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ZINE COOP is an independent publishers' collective based in Hong Kong. We gather, distribute, publish and educate in exploring zine culture in Hong Kong and in extending it overseas. Founded in 2017, we operate without a fixed or hierarchical membership system, we welcome all interested parties to contribute in their own way.
Current active members: Beatrix Pang (Small Tune Press), Forrest Lau (zine forest studio), Jason Li (The Hanmoji Handbook) and independent artist-curator Ranee Ng (#TheMoreIReadTheLessIKnow) in the group are geographically scattered across Hong Kong, UK, and Canada, united in spirit through planning and operating physically and virtually together.
various contributors, ZINE COOP PAPER no.4, ZINE COOP, 2023 © various contributors

ZINE COOP PAPER is a quarterly-published independent publication in a newsprint format. The papers were published ocassionaly and previously printed by local printers in Osaka, Shanghai, Macau, and London for the latest issue.

Second Hand Mango Energy
Whitney French & Jason Li, Second Hand Mango Energy, Mango Friends, 2023 © Whitney French & Jason Li

A zine about the power of powering through winter with warm, mango-scented friendship from Canada to Jamaica to Malaysia and back.

Peng Chau Steel Doors
4res, Peng Chau Steel Doors, 4res, 2020 © 4res

Peng Chau is one of the few old districts in Hong Kong that has not been extensively urbanized. It still retains the street characteristics of the 1960s and 1970s, including the steel doors. Using Riso printing and folding methods, this small zine “recorded” eight of the Peng Chau steel gates that are still in use; in addition, the “Peng Chau Tonghua Iron Gate Map” is also attached.

#TheMoreIReadTheLessIKnow, Samizdat, NA, 2018 © #TheMoreIReadTheLessIKnow

The zine "Samizdat" compiles open-source articles addressing the theme of censorship. It encourages readers to actively engage with the publication, granting them absolute authority to modify its content as an exploration of the concept of censorship.