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ZINZINATTI Multimedia Publishing and Publications Studio

Unique art books, zines and ephemeral prints – are one of the spaces of expression of contemporary art. The more the world of digitally distributed content supersedes traditional, paper-based media, the more the latter resurface in artistic practices. The production of contemporary zines can also be interpreted as a longing for the romantic mood of the underground press and the 20th-century counterculture. Today, art books and zines are becoming a form of resistance against the flood of mass, shallow content intended for quick consumption.

This is demonstrated by the works presented by the Multimedia Publishing and Publications Studio from the Design Faculty at the Academy of Arts in Szczecin, Poland. ZINZINATTI is an ongoing project initiated in 2020 with zines exhibition in TRAFO modern art gallery in Szczecin. Publications from the studio are exhibited in galleries, zine fairs and nationwide art book reviews.
Ewa Burda, PlAIboy, Academy of Arts, 2023 © Ewa Burda

Publication based on 80's Playboy layout that main theme is AI generated pictures. It is a critique of mainstream use of this new technology to generate erotic content. In this publication author examines the thin line between erotica and absurd in AI generated, non-anatomical bodies

Lavender Women Symbols
Anastazja Stańczyk, Lavender Women Symbols, Academy of Arts Szczecin, 2023 © Anastazja Stańczyk

Symbols used by queer women throughout the decades.

Kornelia Biały, Liminal, Academy of Arts Szczecin, 2022 © Kornelia Biały

Art Book is a combination of speculative tests conducted on the patient of the future and visual representations. The main subjects were the ethics of bio engineering tissues in the posthumanist context.