“In defense of the sonic smear: hauntologic sounds” – Iwalewabooks – Miss Read

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“In defense of the sonic smear: hauntologic sounds” - Iwalewabooks

The dimension of sound, especially recorded sound, as one of the ghost’s immaterial forms was central for our work with the concept of hauntology. Central to the concept of sonic hauntology is the recording with its “uncanniness,” “intrinsically ‘hauntological’ dimension” and “spectral undercurrent.” The record-as-ghost promises a “kind of immortality, the possibility that our voices would be listened to by ‘the not yet born.’” “Like a spectre, a recorded musician is at once present and absent,” a “phonographic revenant.”

The speakers look at the genre of music in relation to hauntology through conversations about the bygone but reactivated medium of the cassette as well as in a reflection on the phenomenon of spectres and sprectrals in music. Here, the ghosts choose the medium of music to appear, and technology enhances their presence.

Danillo Barata (UFRB Salvador de Bahia)
Kitso Lynn Lelliott (UCT, South Africa)
Marie-Anne Kohl (fimt, Uni Bayreuth)
Katharina Fink (iwalewabooks)
Nadine Siegert (iwalewabooks)
Mahamat zene Ibrahim Youssouf (Bayreuth)
Maxim Zimmermann (Silhouette Tapes, Berlin)

As part of the book
„Ghost, Specters, Revenants. Hauntology as a means to think and feel future.“
edited by Katharina Fink, Marie-Anne Kohl and Nadine Siegert
iwalewabooks, 2020

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