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Books to Do

Participants: Albert Coers, Annette Gilbert, Andreas Koch

Book Presentation by Albert Coers, in conversation with Annette Gilbert and Andreas Koch

Books to Do (Hatje Cantz) is not the usual monograph, it's a meta-book about already realized and yet to be realized book projects in the form of a to-do list. It is a collection of ideas and subjects, a self-documentation, self-stimulation, and a joyfully utopian agenda at the same time.

In the talk, we will explore the possibilities of making books, also fictional ones, as works, as well as practical aspects of the production processes, digital and analogue, the performative potential of books.

Books to Do contains, apart from 96 book projects, a conversation between Annette Gilbert and Albert Coers and an essay by Markus Krajewski. It was designed by Andreas Koch in collaboration with the artist.

Albert Coers (*1975) is an artist, occasionally curator, editor, and author. His work focuses on installations with found objects and language-related material, and artist's books, e.g. Englisch-Wörter. 1990/2020 (Salon, 2020), Schöppinger Schläger (Salon, 2021), Sacred Distancing (Argobooks, 2021, nom. for Prix Bob Calle 2023).

Annette Gilbert is a literary scholar, interested in experimental forms of writing, artist books, in phenomena in the borders of literature and visual art, in practises of self-publishing. She co-curated the Library of Artistic Print on Demand currently on view in Villa Stuck, Munich.

Andreas Koch is an artist, designer, author, and publisher. He studied with Christiane Möbus at HdK Berlin; since 2006 he is editing the art magazine von hundert and founded in 2022 permanent Verlag. He has designed over 100 artist's publications.
08.06.24, 18:00
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