Pre-fair program // Public discussion on online radio practices with lumbung radio and others

Participants: Silvia Maglioni (firefly frequencies), Graeme Thomson (firefly frequencies), Gregoire Rousseau (Station of Commons), Eddie Choo Wen Yi (Station of Commons), Sumugan Sivanesan (fugitive radio), Juan Fernando Mena Jarillo (Radio Tropiezo), Matteo Spanò (Cashmere Radio),

The panel discussion will approach radio practice as a radical form of collective organization; How can audio practices at large operate together in terms of shared resources, contributions, economics, and overall planning? Moreover, the discussion opens and touches on how the different contributors, with their own specific capacity, want the lumbung radio to develop, and how the radio situates itself (as a media) within the current neoliberal landscape.

Lumbung radio was originally initiated as a part of documenta fifteen in the summer of 2022 and continues to exist and expand as a network of radio stations spread through many different geographies, comprising over 25 stations from around the globe.

Given the chance to come together a year after its beginning under the MISS READ collaboration, the collaborators will reflect on the diversity of programs involved in lumbung radio, its Open-Source infrastructure, and how lumbung radio is a platform that manages to stay active.

Lumbung radio is an inter-local online community radio initiated as a part of documenta fifteen. It’s an open online broadcast that comprises of an inter-local network of distinct radios and audio practices. It operates in no specific time zones, and streams multiple languages, music, and art. Each participating radio station depends on its own means of production, way of thinking, learning, and sharing. Lumbung radio operates as a decentralized network of nodes that uses internet without its hegemonic agency. The intention is producing an audiophonic common space built on the multiplication of the existing practices of its contributors.
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19.09.23, 17:00
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