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20 Seconds Magazine

20 Seconds is a biannual print-only magazine for experimental music and art. It’s built by and for designers, writers and photographers who feel they’re not being challenged enough by what they’re reading and seeing.
But more importantly, 20 Seconds is about engaging with what’s relevant to us. As a community, we’re intrinsically wired to discuss, debate and share. Inspired by other publications proving that print is not dead and neither are honesty or independence, 20 Seconds Magazine is about documenting those expressions.
It’s also a dialogue, founded on fluidity. And the conversation is something we feel can last as long as the ink on the pages.
Adventurous music and art take risk; they can be wonderfully inclusive. Together, we can succeed in exploring work that continues to intrigue and resist.
As a collection it will last a while, individually a lifetime. But definitely more than 20 Seconds.
20 Seconds Magazine Issue 5
Photo by Daniel Melfi, 20 Seconds Magazine Issue 5, 20 Seconds, 2023, © Photo by Daniel Melfi

Exterior cover image of 20 Seconds Issue 5

Lorena Florio, Lacerazioni, 20 Seconds, 2022, © Lorena Florio

Excerpt of photo essay titled "Lacerazioni" by Berlin-based Italian photographer Lorena Florio.