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BAZAR Art Book is an Iran-based platform for publishing, exhibition, and distribution of art books. Founded in 2018 by artists Hedieh Ahmadi and Ronak Moshtaghi, the project seeks to establish an inclusive community of artists, publishers, and audiences that allows them to publish, exhibit, and trade their publications independently. Bazar's activities includes; holding workshops, participating in international art book fairs to distribute local art publications abroad, and through the expansion/exhibition of its art book collection.
BAZAR Art Book was launched due to the importance of artistic and self-published material in today’s art world. The lack of an open and inclusive platform to distribute and exhibit such products in Iran was the main motivation behind founding this program.

International Presence: Aside organizing our own event, one of the main goals for BAZAR Art Book has been to participate in international art book fairs for the distribution of locally-conceived and produced publications. This is especially important for BAZAR as it is offering an accessible distribution platform for artists in Iran.

Creating and Maintaining Local Archive: From its onset, BAZAR has sought to collect and maintain a curated archive of artist books, relevant publications and resources in its library. BAZAR’s track record and presence in international art fairs as well as the network already established by its founders and affiliates has opened the possibilities to procure publications from a wide variety of artists, collectives, publishers, and international book fairs. BAZAR aims to occasionally sets up exhibitions of its library and archive.

Workshops: While artbooks are the main concepts that have brought together all parties involved in BAZAR, its founders, affiliates and network of artists and publishers share a significant interest and enthusiasm about the arts of printing, binding, and bookmaking. This has led to BAZAR’s hosting of a number of workshops around Iran on the art of bookmaking in various institutions, schools and universities.

Bazar Book 2020
Bazar Book 2020, BAZAR Art Books, 2020

Bazar "Book 2020" insstallation at Bazar books store

 Bazar book lunch
Bazar book lunch, 2020

Bazar "Book 2020" insstallation at Bazar book lunch, Bazar books store,Tehran

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Bazar art Books logo,