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ABC Artists’ Books Cooperative

To coincide with this year's Miss Read book fair, Artists’ Books Cooperative [ABC] are launching ABC Stampa, a homage to Ulises Carrión's collectively produced but unfinished The Stampa Newspaper. For ABC Stampa - as with Carrión's original - artists were invited to contribute a design for a rubber stamp and to mark where on a sheet of newspaper paper they would like their stamp to be placed. As a result, two or more artists could request the same space, therefore inviting chance and coexistence to also be collaborators on the project.

As with many of ABC's recent works, other artists were invited to participate, and we are excited to be working with new friends from Venezuela, France, Indonesia, Peru, Canada and Lebanon amongst other countries.

Each copy will be individually numbered and made to order by members of ABC at our table during Miss Read.

On Saturday 23rd September we will also be hosting a presentation of the project at DZIALDOV Gallery, where you join us after the fair to wind down and make your own copy of ABC Stampa! 8pm-late at Maybachufer 43, 12047 Berlin, Germany.

ABC [Artists’ Books Cooperative] is an international group of artists, publishers, and educators seeking to create, engage, and experiment with the form of the book, and to foster alternative forms of distribution through collaboration. As well as working on our own practices, we work together to produce collective projects. Centered on book fairs and our online forum, we aim to develop a growing international network of artists.
ABC Stampa
various artists, ABC Stampa, ABC Artists’ Books Cooperative, 2023 © various artists

Each copy will be individually numbered and made to order by members of ABC at our table during Miss Read.

ABC Former Members Register’, 2022, Duncan Wooldrige
Duncan Wooldridge, ABC Former Members Register’, 2022, Duncan Wooldrige, ABC Office, 2022 © Duncan Wooldridge

For ABC OFFICE, Duncan Wooldridge made customized pencils with the names of former abc members — a mini memorial, an office leftover.

First Edition of 1000: Engraved Casino Red with White Text

Monika Orpik, ruler, ABC Office, 2022 © Monika Orpik

Carpenter ruler with a UV printed Wittgenstein quote

Office Discount
Claudia de la Torre, Office Discount, ABC Office, 2022 © Claudia de la Torre

Artist book with die-cut pages.