Auslöser – Miss Read


Auslöser [aʊ̯sløːzɐ] (“Shutter Button” / “Trigger” / “Release”; German; Noun) is a bilingual (German & English) indie print magazine that focuses on the human stories behind the camera. Each issue features four in-depth photographer interviews, a behind-the-scenes reportage and a photographic object in detail.

In times when anything and everything needs to exist online and needs to be faster and faster, we go back to the essentials and feature long-form in-depth interviews and photo stories exclusively in printed form.

Out of personal interest and love of photography, we have come to know more and more photographers and listened to their stories. And over time, the idea of ​​creating a publication out of these stories has grown bigger and bigger. With Auslöser, we wish to slow down photography and offer a fresh publication form while presenting a variety of photographers in a reduced, unobtrusive way. We feature the people behind the camera.
Auslöser Issue 5
Auslöser Issue 5, 2022
Auslöser Issue 4
Auslöser Issue 4, 2021
Auslöser Issue 3
Auslöser Issue 3, 2020